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Don’t People Know What A Swimming Pool’s For?

Here’s A Clue: It’s In The Name, “Swimming Pool”

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I didn’t go swimming on Monday night, because Mum went in a shower, and she was exhausted, and just got dressed into her pyjamas when she came out, so she didn’t want to get dressed again just to take me down to the swimming pool, so I said I’d wait until later in the week to go swimming. I checked the pool timetable, and apparently the best night to go swimming was Friday night, which looked much the same as Monday night, where the pool’s essentially free after 8pm – just lanes closed off for the “serious” swimmers, which is fine.

(Before 8pm, there are swimming lessons and the Hamilton swimming club – depending on what night it is, the swimming club can take over the entire main pool, relegating everyone else to the “leisure” pool, where you can’t actually swim, because it’s about 2ft deep, if even that, and there are rapids.

There’s also the kiddy pool, but it’s about 0.5ft deep, and you’re literally not allowed in unless you have a child under – I think – 1 year of age. (Annoyingly, people bring children of under 1 year of age into the main pool, and then proceed to block space, when they SHOULD be in the kiddy pool. There should be a rule that kids under a certain age shouldn’t EVER be allowed in the main pool. EVER. It would be especially handy, as those are the ones who tend to diarrhea in the pool, causing it to be closed off, but that’s another rant.)


Last night. I checked the schedule, and it said that after 8pm, the entire main pool was open – from 7.30pm to 8pm, the swimming club had the 3 lanes normally reserved for swimmers, which meant the rest of the pool was ours, and from 8pm onwards, the whole pool was open.

Fine. I could deal with that.

I got to the pool, and when I did, I was told that no, actually, at 8.30pm, the canoe club was coming in.

It’s not on the timetable. (If that doesn’t give you Friday, click on Friday on the top.)

I should have probably remembered, because there were times when I was in until after 8.30pm post-Spinning and post-gym on a Friday (p.s. Friday night spinning isn’t on anymore. 🙁 ) and I’m sure I remember the canoe club, but the point is: it should be on the schedule.

I managed to get my 32 lengths in, just. It was literally 28 minutes past 8, and they were dragging the canoes in from out back – doors flung wide to the outside world and letting the FREEZING COLD INTO THE SWIMMING POOL while we’re still swimming – when I got my 32nd length/16th lap done (lap to me = up and back; length: one length of the pool, 25m).

Then I went and floated around the rapids for a while. It’s been ages since I’ve been over in the leisure pool. Last time was probably when Lorna and Matt were over for a visit, in fact. They’ve actually upgraded them, and they’re pretty fast/strong, which is nice. They can move me around corners pretty quickly.

But I’m still annoyed that it’s almost impossible to actually get into the swimming pool to swim, because it’s almost always being given out for other things. I wish there was a pool somewhere that could be hired out just for clubs and things, so that people don’t have to check the effing schedule – which apparently doesn’t have things on it, anyway (and I know that there’s at least one water zumba missing, too) – to see when they can go for a swim.

It’s annoying, and liable to put people off. Like my mother, who never wants to go swimming now, because there’s always something blocking off parts of the pool, or only an hour to swim before, y’know. Something has to block off all or part of the pool.

Or worse:

A crowd of 20-or-so boys who insist on dive-bombing into the pool, almost on top of your head.

And I’m not quite sure which is worse, to be honest.

I’m just glad that I’ve got my MP3 player now. I can just ignore any screams and shouts, and go into the swimming lanes when they open, where the boys can’t jump on me, accidentally or otherwise.