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we’re right back in the water

8th February 2010

I’m going to pretend like I don’t sing that Jesse McCartney song (Right Back In The Water – has nothing to do with swimming!) every time I’m writing something up for this category. 🙂 It’ll be a lie, but I’m going to pretend, anyway.

Back to the pool tonight again, and the usual bunch were there – I love how they’re “the usual bunch”, even although I’ve only been doing this for what, three weeks? I really need to get their names. – and I noticed the girl with the blonde hair when I was halfway through my first length, and it was actually quiet, and we both remarked on this to one another with a smile as we passed. She was two lengths ahead of me.

So she was aiming for 50 lengths. I was aiming for 32 – the half-mile.

I barely stopped until I got to 16 lengths, just both of us keeping the other going. When I got to 16 lengths, I stopped for a couple of minutes just to tread water, and the big guy with the gold chains came in, and we gabbed a couple of minutes and we were talking about the half-mile, and I said that I’d be wrong about the 30 lengths, told him it was 32, so that’s what we should aim for.

I started off again, didn’t really stop again until I’d got to the 32. So I calculated, at a half-mile, what a half of a half mile would be. Another 16 lengths.

So can you guess what I managed?

When I got out, I’d managed 48 lengths. Three-quarters of a mile.

It took me just over an hour.

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