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Weigh-In: June 3, 2019

Full disclosure about this week’s weigh-in: I did Total Meal Replacement for most of the week, which means I drank meal replacement shakes for my three meals, but had keto-friendly snacks in-between. After last week’s weight gain, I wanted to try to get back into ketosis. I’m not a nutritionist or a dietician or a doctor. PLEASE do not follow my example if you want to lose weight. Please do research, find out your body type (according to Dr. Goglia’s G-Plans website, I am what’s called “Fat-Protein efficient”, meaning that I crave fatty, salty food, but I burn proteins and fats much better than I burn carbs… which is why a low carb diet really works for me!) and lose weight in a sensible and healthy fashion!

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Spoiler alert: I didn’t get back into ketosis.


30st 7lbs

That’s not to say that the total meal replacement didn’t work, just that I didn’t get back into ketosis. A 5lb loss is way above government recommended weight losses per week, though, so, y’know. I ain’t complaining.

I also updated the progress pages with measurements and photos (I added April’s when I did my April weigh-in, too, but forgot to mention it at the time) so you can see the inch loss as well as the weight loss – there’s not a huge difference in the photos so far, other than the fact that they’re all dreadful (my parents, bless them, try their hardest for me) and I look so incredibly unhappy.

Plan of Attack

It’s not like I really have a plan of attack for the next two weeks. I’m basically going to try to continue to eat as low carb as I possibly can – try to get back into ketosis, stick to the macros that I calculated over at Keto Calculator, which look like this:

Generated by Keto Calculator 9.13

36/F/5’9″ | CW 429 | 65% BF | Mostly sedentary

  • 1486 kcal Goal, a 50% deficit. (850 min, 2973 max)
  • 50g Carbohydrates
  • 95g Protein (91g min, 150g max)
  • 101g Fat (30g min, 265g max)

If I can keep my carbs lower than 30g per day, I’m pretty sure I’d get into ketosis without worrying about it. I’ve never seemed to manage it above 30g, but if I stick to these percentages:

50g Carbs (13%, 200 kcal)
95g Protein (26%, 380 kcal)
101g Fat (61%, 906 kcal)

It should all work out just fine. I guess we’ll find out when I weigh-in next week!

Just Numbers On A Scale

Before I sign off the post, let me just say:

I know that numbers on a scale aren’t the be-all/end-all of getting fit and healthy. I know that losing mass is important but not the most important thing, but it’s something that I can see. It’s tangible, and real. I’m in a lot of pain on a daily basis, and I will be until I lose a good 70 or 80lbs, because I remember being 350lbs and walking for miles and loving it. Right now, I can barely make it once around the supermarket without having to lean on the checkout to stem the agony.

I’m measuring my health by that pain, if I’m honest. If the pain starts lessening again, I’ll know I’m going in the right direction and that’s what’s important.

We are more important than the number on the scale – or the measuring tape. I do not measure my self-worth by how much I weigh, or how big my hips are, and neither should you.

Besides which, we all know I’m a useless dumb-dumb no matter which clothes size I’m wearing. 😉