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Weekly Weigh-In: May 20, 2019

I almost forgot that it was Monday when I woke this morning, so we almost didn’t get a weigh-in post today! Let’s get into this thing…

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30st 10lbs

Obviously nowhere near as good a weightloss this week as last week, but I wasn’t expecting it to be, either. Last week was my first weigh-in doing super-low-carb again, and while I continued with super-low-carb this week for the most part, for my sister’s birthday, I enjoyed a treat day on Saturday. Linda turned 38, we ordered takeaway, we watched Shaun of The Dead on Netflix, and we ate one of those tiny “gift sized” birthday cakes between us.

Honestly, I’m more than happy to have any weight loss in a week where I eat an entire naan bread to myself.

“Government Guidelines” My Ass

But that’s the thing, isn’t it? None of my eating habits are “healthy”. Certainly, the super-low-carb part of Atkins/South Beach isn’t supposed to be sustainable. You’re supposed to have a super weight loss in the first week or two weeks, and then you move up to the “not-so-super-low-carb low carb” part of the plan.

For those who don’t know, the average daily carb intake for men in the UK is 252g, while women average around 198g (source) and if you follow UK Government guidelines for recommended food intake, just over a third of your daily calorie and nutrient intake should be carbohydrate-based (source)… but that’s absolutely no good if you’re a diabetic, for example. Mum’s diabetic. Mum’s tried the “government guideline” Eat Well Food Plate version of a diet (diet here meaning simply the food we eat day-to-day, not calorie/carb/fat-restricted eating programmes) and guess what? It didn’t help.

That’s why she and I ended up with Low Carb. I tried to talk her into doing South Beach with me years ago, but I believe her words at the time were, “I don’t know how anyone can live without carbs!”

A Life After Carbs

Hey, guess what? My Mum has lost more than 30lbs in the past three or four months. How did he do that? Simply by lowering the amount of carbs she’s been eating, and upping her fat intake. My mother, who was one of the first people to pass on adding butter, or cream, or oil to a dish because it was too “fattening”, has lost an incredible amount of weight and reduced her blood sugar levels from the 14s and 15s down to the 6s and 7s. In fact, her nurse and doctor are now talking about reducing her Metformin intake because the low carb thing has worked so well in getting her blood sugar levels under control.

(Sorry, American friends, I know we measure things differently over here in terms of blood sugar levels. I don’t know how to translate those!)

When she went to the Doctor in February/early March (I can’t remember which) she was told that she might need to start taking fucking insulin injections if she didn’t get a grip.

She got a grip, and she’s looking awesome. Most importantly, she’s feeling much better too. Not having to move to insulin injections is just the cherry on the proverbial cake.

Mum and Dad at the Kelpies, last summer
Mum and Dad ready to head to my Cousin Steven’s wedding, Saturday morning.

Carbohydrates And Me

When I started doing The Zero Excuses Weight Loss Challenge, I got down to my lowest weight since I started blogging. Possibly my lowest weight since I was in high school. As soon as I stopped doing keto, the weight started going back on.

I’ve joked that nothing works for me. That I’ve tried just about every diet going at this point, but I know that’s a lie. Low carb works for me, especially when I’m able to hit that sweet spot where I don’t even have any cravings. I’m craving right now, but I know that’s because of the carb overload on Saturday. The cravings will be gone by Wednesday, or Thursday at the latest.

I also know that if I stick to the low-low-carb or the vaguely-low-carb, then I’m still going to be able to lose weight… even if all I do is add an oatcake to my snacks when I’m eating my brie in order to get a little extra fibre and calories. This works for me. And I know that one single day in a month isn’t going to undo all of my hard work, and I guess that’s the important thing: I know that it’ll take me falling off the wagon entirely for me to start gaining the weight back instead of losing it.

So buckle up, kids. The ride’s just beginning.