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Weekly Weigh-In: May 13, 2019

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Okay, you know last week when I said that maybe the week before that had maybe been a fluke in terms of me getting a great weight loss? I’m starting to think that maybe last week was the anomaly, like maybe my time of the month was due (but considering how bad my periods are, I’m sure it’s always my time of the month) and the weight gain was just… a blip?


30st 11lbs

I don’t even know, to be honest. What I do know is that I had to step on the scales twice today just to make sure they weren’t glitching.

Nope. There was a 0.3lb different – the first time I stepped on, it read 430.6lb and the second was 430.9lb, so I just rounded up/down as is my usual – the right way, where if it’s above 0.5 I round up, if it’s below, I round down – so it’s 431lb for this week.

Given that I was in the 440s last week and this week I’m almost into the 420s, I’m sort of…

I was actually really good at maths in high school…

Maths + Weight Loss = ???

Since I’ve been old enough to understand mathematically how weight loss works, my understanding has always been that there has to be a 3,500kcal deficit in order to lose 1lb of mass. In order to lose 11lbs, I’d have needed a deficit of 38,500kcal. According to this BMR calculator, my BMR is 2,759kcal per day, and that works out at 19,313kcal per week. In order to have a deficit of 38,500, I’d have not only had to not eat anything at all this week, I’ve have also had to burn an extra 19,187kcal through exercise.

When I consider that my snacks this week were literal spoonfuls of peanut butter (actually amazingly low carb and rich as a snack) and slices of brie, as well as berries (supposed to help you stay in ketosis while still being able to eat fruit, very helpful), and I actually knocked myself out of ketosis mid-week when Mum made something both she and I didn’t want to eat so I just had leftovers from last week’s Chinese from the freezer, I just.

I sort of want to post that confused reaction image again, but once is enough. Just be assured that my face looks like that right now.

Keto Flu Is No Joke

I’ve read that getting into ketosis is a few things: hard, tiring, a little smelly. I’ve obviously also read that it’s effective in terms of helping with weight loss, and it’s the first proper week back on Atkins/keto/South Beach/whatever you wanna call it, so of course I’ve got a crapload of water weight I’ve shed, too. But I didn’t expect such a huge loss.

The good news is that it’s not just weight loss. My mutant leg has been swollen for more than a year now, and the only thing my doctor(s) have suggested is compression socks, which aggravate the irritated skin on my leg so I don’t like wearing them at all. Since Wednesday, the swelling in my foot and ankle have actually gone down considerably, to the point that my foot looks “normal”-ish when I wake in the morning. It’s still swelling during the day, but I’m guessing that it’ll eventually stop swelling so much, too.

Honestly, my face is still just like the reaction image.

Looking Forward To College – Literally

If I continue to post good weight losses – not even of this magnitude, but maybe 3lbs or 4lbs a week – between now and the end of August when I go back to college, I could be in the mid-300s instead of the high-300s/low 400s and holy crap would that make a huge difference to my life.

So maybe it’s not just a case of it being hard and me not knuckling down and getting on with it. Maybe it’s a case of understanding how much easier my life’ll be when I can walk more than 50 metres without my back being in agony, and using that knowledge as inspiration to stick at it.

Because I’m pretty sure that’d be good inspiration for anyone.