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Weekly Weigh-In: May 6, 2019

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31st 8lbs

At this point, I ask: was last week’s weigh-in a fluke (as I thought it might be), or was this week really that bad?

I’m gonna guess it’s a mixture of both.

Now, it’s not like I ate well this week. Mum and Dad were away for their anniversary. I basically ate takeaway and leftovers for four days out of this past week, so I think the answer is that I didn’t track and I ate terrible food. That kind of thing is bound to bite me on the ass, and, unsurprisingly, it did.

I gotta make sure that I track/log what I’m eating (dear god I need to stop using Weight Watchers terminology) and make sure that I eat healthier. If I’ve noticed anything, it’s that I’ve been feeling like crap this past week. I’ve gotta go to a student support meeting on Thursday (so they know what kind of support I need, in terms of my physical and mental health) and I just know that it’s going to be painful and exhausting. I go back to college at the end of August, and I know that I need to lose weight just to be able to make it to college and back again every day, otherwise I’m going to be too sore to actually do any work.

I’ve plenty of reasons to knuckle down and get this done. So why’s it so hard?

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