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Weekly Weigh-In: April 29, 2019

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31st 2lbs

You ever have one of those weeks where you get a really good weight loss and you end up looking back at your food diary and going,

Or “but how?!”, but I don’t think there’s a reaction meme for “but how?!”.

This week was one of those weeks. I actually ate takeaway two nights in a row and I had Kraft Mac&Cheese one night when Mum and Dad had had a big lunch? (Takeaway was: Chicken Tikka Chasni from the Indian on Wednesday, and a burger and fries from Fat Yankees on Thursday. I’d make excuses, but honestly, I didn’t like the stir-fry that Mum made on Wednesday and I was too lazy to cook something else for myself, and on Thursday, Mum just couldn’t be arsed cooking anything at all – her words, not mine.)

I mean, at no point in time did I go over my calories, and I didn’t even eat THAT many carbs – the highest days were obviously those three days I’ve just mentioned – so I’m guessing that my “healthier” eating on the days I wasn’t eating high carb offset the “bad” days.

Viva La Vida Low Carb

(Side note: I’m trying to stop thinking of food as “good” and “bad”, especially as Mum’s started eating low carb and the weight and inches are falling off of her, and her blood sugar levels have halved in two months. We’ve grown up with Weight Watchers telling us to eat low fat diets, even if it means eating a buttload of added sugar or sweeteners.

Mum realising that low carb [further note: she’s trying to stay under 100g of carbs per day, but doesn’t stress if she goes a little over; her first week or two was eating 50g of carbs per day. She’s not doing South Beach or Atkins or anything, just eating good fresh home-made food, plenty of fruits and veg, and is actually enjoying eating healthy fats without feeling guilty about it!] really works for her has been a godsend, and as I basically eat what she eats, or have to cook for myself or order food, has been kind of awesome for me, too. It means that unless I specifically ask for couscous or bread or something with the food that Mum cooks, I’m basically just eating low carb by proxy. I did do Atkins for three weeks, and managed to do the first two weeks of ultra-low-carb eating, and I found that I wasn’t hungry but I was thinking about food all the time.  And that kinda thing ain’t healthy, either.

Food, Unglorious Food

It might also help that I didn’t binge at all last week. Unfortunately, I had three binges the previous week, and none this week. If I actually counted up the calories (and carbs/sugar) of a binge, I’d probably find out that I’m eating somewhere in the region of 5000-6000 calories in a session. It’s easily done, and to be honest, it’s not even enjoyable. The food tastes nice, but I feel like shit after, and then the cycle continues because it’s punishment, isn’t it?

Hopefully I’m gonna have professional help with that soon-ish, though. I called the Adult Psychological Therapy Team here in South Lanarkshire and asked for help. I can read all the articles and be Dr. Google all I want, but unless I get a professional diagnosis and professional help, I’ll just continue with my bad habits… most of which revolve around food, not surprisingly.

To be honest, I’m sick of dieting, so I’m glad that my first week back has gone so well. I’m just gonna defer to Garfield on this one, since we both love lasagne and hate Mondays:

“Diet: An eating program that removes excess pound and your will to live.”