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Weigh-in #52: December 24 2013

26th December 2013
-35.5lbs since Jan 1 2013


Oh well, can’t explain the weight gain, but oh well. It’s not the end of the world. Hopefully it won’t be the same again next week, because Christmas Day was definitely not anywhere near as bad as last year, food-wise.

Yay, Slimpods. 😀

Apologies, YET AGAIN, about the lateness of this weigh-in. I’d actually posted it via my tablet, and apparently WordPress for Android and Kindle is really, really not a nice app to use. Note to self: no. Never again. It said it was posted, but obviously wasn’t. I should have noticed when I didn’t get an email!

So yes. Sorry about that. No more posting by app, I promise.

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