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Weigh-in #50: December 10 2013

-37lbs since Jan 1 2013


Pretty good result this week; I’m happy with it! I really apologise about the weigh-in going up late. I’ve been suffering from a headache (and still am! Yay…) for the past more-than-two-weeks now, and last week I got a migraine, too!

So much lack-of-fun it’s not even a laughing matter any more!

I had planned to write the post up last night after my Slimpod Club, but halfway through Slimpod Club, I excused myself, went across to the Co-Op, got some Nurofen Express, and climbed into the beautiful, beautiful darkness of bed. It meant I was up in the middle of the night for an hour or two, but I just set my morning alarm a little later, so that was fine.

This week’s been fine. I think it’s really weird, how different my eating is since I’ve been listening to the Slimpod(s). (And also makes me wonder why these are working and the Paul McKenna mp3s didn’t! I wonder if they would, now, but obviously I won’t listen to them at the same time.)

It’s like, I actually have a full signal. I said to Mum today: I haven’t had a full signal in about fifteen years. And now I know what it’s like to be full, it’s kind of amazing. Before, I was able to eat and binge and just keep on going to the point of vomiting – either intentional or otherwise – and I’d still feel hungry, even if I felt sick.

Now I actually feel hungry, and it’s wonderful.

And I think that this slow, gradual weight-loss is probably because of that whole thing: I’m feeling hungry so I’m stopping eating and not overeating, and if I’m hungry later I’ll go back and have a wee bit more. But I’m not binge-ing. Physically can’t because it’s too painful. If I wanted to, I could overeat and spread it out over the day, but eh. That’s too much like hard work, and it’d probably just work out into my daily calories anyway.

Why couldn’t this have just happened to me years ago?!


Anyway, yes.

Apologies for the day-late of the weigh-in post. I did weigh-in yesterday, but I was migraine central yesterday. Oh joy of joys. 🙂