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Weigh-in #43: October 22 2013

First off: happy third anniversary to my big sister, Linda, and my brother-in-law, Greg!

-43.5lbs since Jan 1 2013


I managed to scrape past my DietBet goal weight by 0.1lbs. It couldn’t get much closer than that! Whew.

But I did it! 4% of my body weight lost in the past month. I am beyond thrilled. Basically what I did the past two weeks, after those disastrous past two weeks, was go mostly Paleo.

I ate Bran Flakes for my breakfast, because I need to think of something for Paleo breakfasts that isn’t eggs, and the rest of my meals were as Paleo as possible. (I did eat rice with a few things, for example, and had four tins of Heinz Cream Of Tomato soup over the past fortnight.)

I still need to figure out my budget so that I can go full-Paleo. I know I felt a thousand times better when I was eating Paleo during the Zero Excuses Challenge. Slept better (and slept less), felt better. Hair was shinier and skin was clearer, etc.

It’s just that meat – even the non-grass-fed/organic stuff, is effing expensive. I know that, obviously, cutting the crap out of my diet is going to reduce costs, but everything that needs to go in its place is going to increase costs over what I’m used to spending.

And that sucks.


But anyway, yes.

I’m absolutely thrilled about my DietBet, and can’t wait to get the Official Official email tomorrow/Thursday.

And right now, I’m off to eat a ton of carbs…

(p.s. that’s a joke. Just in case anyone was worried/wondering.)