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Weigh-in #41: October 8 2013

-29.5lbs since Jan 1 2013


Well, it’s not quite the weight loss I was aiming for this week, but it’s better than losing nothing, or gaining again!

Annoyingly, however, it means I’m probably not gonna make my DietBet goal, since I’ve now got 14lbs left to lose before the 28th. It’s possible, but it’s gonna be hard work.

Probably a good thing that I went and rejoined the gym tonight, then, huh?

Yup. I got my membership back up and running after budgeting it into my month, and because I’m spending the money on my gym membership, it means I won’t be able to just nip across to the shop and buy a pack of sweets if I want to.

I’ll just have to do without. I can go and work out, instead. I’ve still got to walk to the gym (The Water Palace and the Jock Stein are both a mile away; the Blantyre Leisure Centre is just over a mile away [like 1.2?]) and then do my workout, like I used to. I need to make sure that I’m awake early enough on Sunday mornings that my painkillers have kicked in before I have to walk to the gym.

But I know from experience that the pain dulls a little once A) I’ve warmed up and B) my back goes numb.

Hopefully option A) is all I’m going to need. I hate it when my back goes numb. 🙁

But I’m booked in (definitely) for Friday and Sunday, my usual classes, and tomorrow night’s class, I’m on the waiting list (4th, to be precise). So I’ll go along tomorrow night anyway. Usually if you’re below 5th on the waiting list, you get in.

I can’t wait. I went into the gym tonight, and the first thing I did was go on the Spin bike (the ones with the screens on them telling you what to do). IT’S BEEN TOO LONG, MY OLD FRIEND.

So yes.

I know that exercise should be used only to burn calories and help change your body shape, and that I shouldn’t complain if I don’t lose weight through exercise. So long as I lose inches, that’s all I can ask for.