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Weigh-in #39: September 24 2013

-29.1lbs since Jan 1 2013


What’s really annoying about this weigh-in is that I weighed myself yesterday, because I actually stopped doing Exante yesterday (full explanation in tomorrow’s review), and I weighed in at 355lbs even!

God knows how I gained those 2.6lbs in a day. 🙂 (I’m gonna say water weight, because my feet/ankles feel kinda swollen? I don’t think I drank as much yesterday as I should have.)

Anyway. A week of doing Exante, and I’m 6lbs down, and once again really, really close to that 100lbs-lost mark again. (My highest-ever weight was 449lbs; my lowest weight of recent years was 349lbs, and then a change in medication led to me regaining around 3st/42lbs in a REALLY short space of time, two years ago.)

I’m excited again, you guys. I’ve even joined Jillian Michaels’ DietBet, so I’ve now got 4 weeks to lose just over a stone (14.3lbs).

Think I can do it?

I think I can. This time, I think I can.

Anyway, look out for that review of the Exante Diet tomorrow. 🙂

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