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Weigh-in #37: September 10, 2013

-26.5lbs since Jan 1 2013


So I stayed the same this week, and I’m surprisingly okay with that, after my losses these past few weeks, on average.

I’d probably be a bit miffed if I’d had a crappy loss last week, but no, I did pretty well – haha! – so I’m perfectly content to stay the same this week, especially as I’ve just stopped following the AVX Diet, and had a week of eating without tracking anything.

Next week, I’m going to be starting another trial: a week’s worth of Exante Diet VLCD Meal Replacement. And while we all know that I’ve done meal replacement before, with Tony Ferguson and Slim•Fast, I’ve never done a total meal replacement, so that’ll be… interesting.

But that’ll start next Tuesday morning. I just wanted a week or two of Not Dieting – although it’s not like I’m going mad.

I was heading out to therapy this afternoon and realised I hadn’t had lunch, so I ran into the Co-Op to buy a meal deal (sandwich, drink, snack), and just picked up my usual. Unfortunately, my usual includes a bottle of Pepsi Max. It was completely brainless, and out of habit.

So, I got to about 14 days, soda-free, and then ruined it all with just plain not thinking.

Oy. I’ll start again tomorrow.