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Weigh-in #29: July 16, 2013

16th July 2013
-15lbs since Jan 1 2013

Well, I’m not going to complain. I lost weight. And according to my Period Tracker App, I’m ovulating (hello, TMI), but I’m actually bleeding. If I full-on start my period, I’ll just mark it on my calendar as a period and see how it goes from there. Either way: my lady-parts are malfunctioning, I’m swollen like a balloon, and I’m cramping like no-one’s business.

It is not a fun day, let me tell you.

On top of the cramps and the bleeding, I was supposed to see Dr. Walton, who will hopefully be my new therapist. I headed into Blantyre at Stupid Early O’Clock this morning (for everyone else, it’s “Normal Early O’Clock”, or “time to head to work O’Clock,” since my appointment was at 9am) and checked in at reception. Sat down and took my Kobo out to read while I waited on Dr. Walton coming in/calling me.

After 20 minutes’ waiting time (usually, most places in South Lanarkshire have a sign that says, “if you’ve been waiting 20 minutes past your appointment time, come tell us,” or something to that effect) I went and said to the girl at reception, “I’ve been waiting 20 minutes,” and she told me that Dr. Walton hadn’t come in yet.

It’s not like I’d been watching the door. I was facing the door, but since I was reading, it’s not like I was paying attention.

“I’ll phone and make sure she’s on her way.”

I thanked her and went and sat back down.

A couple of minutes later she called on me and said:

“Oh yeah, she’s not in today.”

Uh, excuse me, what?

I double-checked the appointment letter I had, which definitely said, “Tuesday, July 16th, 9am. Blantyre Health Centre. Dr. Walton.”

“No, it’s definitely for today.”

She explained that I should have been told the appointment had been rescheduled because Dr. Walton had taken her annual leave (Dr’s equivalent of summer holidays, I guess?). I said no, I hadn’t been informed. Nothing they could do about it, SORRY ABOUT THAT YOU JUST SHELLED OUT ALMOST £4 FOR NOTHING you can go now.

So I went home, and about half an hour after I got home, this arrived:

In case you can’t see it/read it, it says, “[due to unforeseen circumstances, I have to] cancel your appointment on July 16th.” The letter is dated July 10th, but the postmark on the envelope is July 15th (yesterday; the day before the cancelled appointment) which means it only get sent out yesterday.

Now, I phoned up the Health Centre to lodge a complaint, got the same girl I’d talked to this morning, and it took 5 minutes of explaining about the 5-day discrepancy between the date on the letter and the postmark on the envelope for her to understand it.

At one point in time, she said, “We put a first-class stamp in; what more could we have done?”

I believe my reply was, “You could have called?!”

Dad and I have our theory of it being The Glasgow Fair this weekend, that the letter was supposed to have been sent out last Wednesday. Someone obviously overlooked my letter, as apparently everyone else who was supposed to come in for the clinic today didn’t come in, so they got their letters, and the letter didn’t actually get sent out until yesterday, since the Health Centre would have been shut on Monday, if not on Friday, too. (Blantyre: you may have a Glasgow postcode, but you’re not Glasgow. Hamilton: YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE A GLASGOW POSTCODE, WHY WERE THE PHARMACIES AND THINGS CLOSED ON MONDAY?)

But that didn’t really help me a lot when I went down to the Health Centre, sat for 30 minutes and waited for a doctor who wasn’t even in that day.

Basically how I felt today.

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