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Weigh-in #24: June 11, 2013

-10.6lbs since Jan 1 2013

Well, that’s not too bad! I’m happy enough with that. Especially as I started on Zoloft last week, and restarted taking Metformin, and was fully expecting to have gained weight this week.

Now let’s see if I can get through this week without gaining it all back again.

Thing is, I know what the problem is.

One week, I do my shopping, and I have plenty of food. The next week, I DON’T.

It’s not even a case of needing to ration my food or anything. It’s simply a case of: food goes off. I probably have to ration my money or something, so that I can buy just one week’s supply of food, and then go again next week, but it never really works like that.

Either way, I need to be more careful.

And I know I keep on saying that, and it’s probably getting annoying and repetitive and y’all keep thinking, “Yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it,” but.



Anyway. Onto the next week!