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Weigh-in #17: April 23, 2013

23rd April 2013
-8.4lbs since Jan 1 2013

I gained an entire 0.1lbs this week.

I’ll admit one thing, though: my walks haven’t been as long as they should, or could, have been. I’ve mostly just been doing my short walk around the block instead of anything longer. So any calories I have burned has probably been a minuscule amount, hardly worth noticing.

I need to lose enough weight so that I can ride my bike. Then I can start burning real calories again.

(Would that I could afford a spin bike for my house. I’d find a way to rig up my iMac onto the handbars, and I’d never be off it, except to eat, and pee, and go visit my parents, and see Dr. David when I needed to. And maybe to sleep. Until I learned how to sleep while still pedalling.)

In other news, I’m all aches and pains. This is, perhaps, not surprising. I managed to fall out of my big sister’s car last week (not 15-21, but the Friday before that? I think?) and landed hard on my elbow. Now I’m getting shooting pains up my left arm to accompany the shooting pains up my right arm’s muscle and the random numbness in my right arm (probable trapped nerve in my neck) and the pains in both my hips and my spine (probable arthritis) and the nagging feeling of everything is shit right now.

I really want to get on a bike right now. I miss being on a bike. I miss just being out in the good weather, too. You know last summer, when I was getting a lot fitter than I’d been in a long while, and I was walking up and down to my classes, and I was walking home, cooling down, and the sun was just setting so it was in my eyes?

I miss that. There was literally a je ne sais quoi about it. I couldn’t describe it if I tried. And I miss it. Same goes for being in Spin class. Even just pedalling, man. Being on the bike and pedalling and the feel of the sweat running down the back of my ears (or into my eyes; disgusting! But I miss it.) and having to mop my face, and.

I know that I could still be at the classes if I had the money. I could get the bus and struggle the quarter mile to The Water Palace, or I could get the bus to Blantyre, and it’s just across the road. And I’ve made it through class at this size before, so I could do it again.

But it’s money.

Same as I’m currently freaking out about my webhosting bill. (Hey, look at that non sequitur! *COUGH*) It’s due up tomorrow, and I still owe $21. I’ve got some PayPal money (£5, still not enough, ugh) coming my way from one of my survey sites, but I’ve no idea when I’m going to get it. And everyone’s been so good, so I’m feeling like a shithead for asking.

Please donate to my webhosting costs. Minimum $10 donation ($9.20 after fees are taken off). Again, I don’t know if I can explain just how much FATGIRLslim means to me.

Or, maybe I can just direct you to the archives, and say: I’ve been blogging here since 2004 (with a few gaps where I went to college) and I’d probably have ballooned and ballooned and ballooned without it.

It keeps me sane and it keeps me accountable.

And I’ve only asked for help these past two years. :/ Hopefully I won’t NEED to ask for help next year, fingers crossed.

So I say again: I feel like a shithead for asking, but I do need your help. Please.

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