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Weigh-in #15: April 9, 2013

-11.6lbs since Jan 1 2013

Wow. I actually stayed exactly the same. I was expecting to have gained something back this week, because I was, you know, actually eating food, but staying the same’s okay! I can deal with that for a week. 🙂

So long as it doesn’t catch up with me next week…

I brought home my bike tonight!

Fatso's New Ride p.s. Welcome To My Landing
Fatso’s New Ride
p.s. Welcome To My Landing

I was going to go out for a ride before bringing it upstairs, but A) I had to feed my cat and B) I’m actually terrified that I’ve forgotten how to ride a bike.


The last time I was on a bike, I couldn’t ride it, because the bike they’d recommended for me was for someone with an inside leg measurement about four inches shorter than mine, and the seat kept on sliding down from its max height, so even when it was of a sufficient height, it didn’t stay that way. I ended up selling it at a car boot sale for about £20, after paying about €350 for it. (People are assholes. It hadn’t even been ridden properly once.)

The time before that, I was riding my friend, Sam’s bike in Oregon. I was riding it just fine. I also fell off it just fine when I tangled my laces in the pedal at a crosswalk and fell over in front of a whole load of cars. I ended up lying on the ground laughing for about 15 minutes while people got out of their cars to ask if I was all right, and my friend Louise, who was cycling with me, just laughed along with/at me. Both were equally fine, because I’d just fallen over, tangled up in Sam’s bike.

I’m pretty sure I can still go a bike. It’s just, you know. Actually doing it. I’ll probably put it off until can get a helmet (although I wasn’t wearing one in Oregon, and I was just fine, thank you very much) – I have one in my Amazon basket, ready to be checked out when I get my next set of Amazon vouchers. It’s pink. That should be no shock to anyone. – but. Maybe I’ll take it out after midnight one night, when no-one can see me fall.

Although if I do fall, don’t be surprised if you hear about a 4.0 on the Richter scale centred in Burnbank in Hamilton, Scotland.

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