weigh-in, weight loss

Weigh-in #14: April 2, 2013

-11.6lbs since Jan 1 2013

Oh well, if nothing else, this lack of appetite seems to be doing me the world of good in the losing-weight department. At least, it will until my metabolism goes, “Is the world ending? Has food stopped being produced?” and I stop losing weight.

Pretty annoying, though. I’d rather be losing weight through healthy eating, not lack of eating. (As in: eating in moderation. Fruits, veggies, lean cuts of meat, a treat every now and then, etcetera. Not, as I had yesterday: a sandwich and a handful of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes because that’s all I remembered to goddamn eat.)

Anyway. I’ve got my alarm(s) set on my phone to remind me to eat during the day, so hopefully that’ll be the last day that that happens. Of course, I’ll have to have lunch tomorrow when I wake up instead of having breakfast, because I forgot to buy milk when I was out getting my shopping today.

Yeah, it’s been that kind of a week.