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Weigh-in #12: March 19, 2013

19th March 2013
-6.2lb since Jan 1 2013

Damn. Three days until my 30th birthday. Is it too late to pretend that I’ve been saying “30th” all this time and retcon it all so that I was saying, “20th”? Bloody hell. Do y’all remember my quarter-aged crisis? It was ridiculous. (When I turned 25. I can’t believe my blog’s been running long enough that I’m turning 30 and I can ask, “Do y’all remember when I turned 25?!” Jeez.)

Anyway, another pound down and gone! Of course, it’s Birthday Week, which is usually a curse and a blight on my weight loss landscape, what with birthday cake and potentially going out for a meal. As far as I can remember, there’s only been one or two Birthday Weeks that I haven’t gained weight since I’ve had the blog. (Possibly only one or two that I haven’t gained weight since I was about ten, considering how I gained weight from that age…)

I’ll do my best to try and curb the damage, of course, because I don’t wanna post a weigh-in next week that says, “+17lbs,” or something, just because I turned 30.

In other news: I got a fun email today saying that it’s 5 weeks until renews. Ugh. Panic stations for my 30th birthday? Screw that. I still owe $71 (about £47) to make up the complete amount for my hosting for the year. I’ve paid $30 already, and Kat donated $10 last year (that I forgot to use to reduce my payment at the time, OY) and someone I don’t recognise also donated $10 this year – much appreciated!

If you’d like to donate to the FATGIRLslim Web Hosting Fund, it’s a minimum $10 donation, and Dreamhost, my webhosting company, remove 80¢ of that for… something or other. Anyway, I get $9.20 every time you donate, direct to my webhosting, and trust me: as an unemployed bum extraordinaire, it’s very much appreciated!

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