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Weigh-in #10: March 5, 2013

+0.4lb since Jan 1 2013

I love it when my weight goes to nice, round numbers. 😀 Yes, I’m one of those people.

Yay, weight loss two weeks in a row! I know it’s nothing spectacular, but it’s still a weight-loss! I’m almost in the negative pounds again, which is EXCELLENT. Hopefully I’ll make a dent in that before I do my official DietBet weigh-in next week.

I’m really excited about DietBet! Y’all need to come and join me, seriously. LET’S ALL MOTIVATE EACH OTHER.

My Dad’s supposed to be going to pick those bikes up tomorrow. Fingers crossed they’re suitable for me. I’d really like to be able to go out for a ride when I feel like it. It’ll be much better for me, too, than just going out for a ten minute walk every day.

Anyway, I need to go and make a menu plan up. I didn’t make one before I went out, because I’ve pretty much got enough chicken and mystery meat in the freezer (I’m not even kidding. I’ve got frozen meat in the freezer and I don’t know what it is. I know one pack is frozen beef mince, probably 10% fat. I don’t know what the other pack is.) to feed a small army; I’ve got diced lamb in the freezer, and I picked up a popseye steak, some prawns, and a rack of lamb on the cheap in ASDA, along with a whole heap of veggies and fruit in Aldi. I can’t quite afford to go Paleo this fortnight, but I’m gonna be eating a hell of a lot healthier, meal-wise, than I have been eating, that’s for certain.

Tomorrow night: Weight Watchers’ Caribbean Chicken. I HAVE NOT HAD THIS IN YEARS. Really looking forward to it, too.

I’m hoping that the smaller portions and lower-fat, home-cooked meals will have a drastic impact on the scales, instead of the throw-things-in-the-oven-for-25-minutes-at-200°-and-serve-with-couscous that I’ve been doing of late.

Fingers crossed!

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