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Weigh-in #1-2: January 15 2014

15th January 2014
±0lbs since Jan 15 2013


Okay, so I moved my scales into the kitchen like I said I would, last week. Apparently, the difference between having the scales on a (very thinly!) carpeted floor and a non-carpeted, non-anything-ed floor, is about 13 or 14lbs. I’m making the unprecedented choice to zero out this week, instead of simply saying, “+14lbs” or whatever, because I think we all know I didn’t gain a stone in a week.

(Or at least, I hope we all have faith that I didn’t gain 14lbs in a week. At least, I do.)

In other news, I had an appointment to see the ever-delightful Dr. David today, re: pain in my feetsies and the ongoing dizzy spells. Last time I saw him, I got absolutely disgusting nasal drips to see if it was an inner-ear thing. I do not recommend nasal drips, except as a last resort. Ew.

We decided it might be to do with diet. Or rather, dieting. He took my blood pressure, and it was low enough to be worried about, but any blood pressure tablets could interfere with a number of the other tablets I’m currently taking, so the only other way to deal with it is through…



(Interesting side-story: last time I got my blood pressure taken, I’m completely positive that the nurse told me that my blood pressure was high. Not too high, not high enough to worry about, but “on the high side”. Dr. David said the last time it was taken, it was on the low side. Either this is a conflicting story in my memory, or I was told a crock of bullshit by the nurse.)

So now I have to see what I can do to try to raise my blood pressure.

Alternative idea: anyone willing to just put me and the NHS out of our misery? (She asked, semi-jokingly.)

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