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Weigh-in #5: February 12 2014

-2.4lbs since Jan 15 2013


Well, that was a little bit unexpected!

To be honest, I don’t feel like I’ve lost weight this week, probably because I’ve just come off of having my period, so I’ll see how it goes next week. I’m not going to go mad in either direction, just to make sure that I either gain weight to prove myself correct, or make sure that I lose weight and say, “SEE, TOLD YOU SO!”

And yes, those are the kinds of thoughts that go through my head when I get results like that on the scale.

It’s probably why I said to Sandra (I think!) that I was thinking of going to monthly weigh-ins only, but that I’m terrified on what could happen to my weight if I only weighed-in once a month. I meant, look at what happens to my weight when I’m weighing-in every week. This is supposed to keep me accountable, especially when I know there’s at least one other person – I hope, haha! – besides my parents, who reads my blog.

I was supposed to take my measurements every month, too, but I’m only going to do that every second month, because that’s going to be disheartening if I don’t see a change every month, just the same as if I see the number on the scale going up.

But anyway, this week’s weigh-in’s pretty good, I think. I’m still trying to figure out what I did differently from last week!

But I just posted a comment to Carla on last week’s weigh-in, that it seems to be the weeks that we don’t try, that are our best weeks of all.

Maybe that’s the key to it, is to not stress out.