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Weigh-in #4: February 4 2014

+1.4lbs since Jan 15 2013


I’d grumble and gripe about this until the end of time, but we all know what I’m like. “Ugh, I’ve gained a pound.”

“Ugh, but I tried so hard this week!”

“Ugh, but I didn’t-”

“Ugh, but-”

I didn’t really try that hard this week at all. But I didn’t completely screw it up, either. I obviously didn’t do perfectly, otherwise I’d have lost weight.

I’d love to completely blame it on the fact that I got my period yesterday, and that I’m pretty sure we all know that I gain weight like crazy when I get my period, but nah. I just had a reckless week, and I went to the chip shop last night and had a chip shop deep-fried pizza (Scottish delicacy!), with plenty of salt & vinegar, for my dinner, and a wee cheeky bar of tablet (another Scottish delicacy) for afterward.

(In addition to the period thing, I’m now probably also retaining water like a dam! 😀 And seriously, we know what that does to my weight. I’m ridiculous.)

But yeah. I didn’t try hard at all last week. I didn’t eat a lot of healthy stuff, because my freezer’s getting down to bare bones again (which will mean, oh god, going to stock up on meat and freezable foods again, soon) but I did find some lambs liver while I was in there last night, and some smoked haddock, so I’m going to have smoked haddock tomorrow night, and I’m going to make myself some lambs’ liver, mushroom and garlic pâté. I would call it Brussell’s Pâté, but as far as my understanding of the definition of Brussell’s Pâté goes, it has to have some actual lamb’s meat content in there, too? Which mine definitely won’t. It’ll be all liver, mushroom and garlic, and it’ll be effing delicious, thanks. And it’ll be good, healthy fats, so it’s not like it’ll be bad for my weight and my health, right?


I know that I said last week that I’d be posting that Slimpods video last week, and I didn’t quite get around to it, mostly because I’m pretty sure I sleepwalked through last week. I’ll be recording it in the next day or two and posting it up. I’ve also got a review for an Ozeri Blood Pressure Monitor to record and upload, too, and I’ve got to rewrite/revamp/upload/redo some stuff with the website, too.

That’s gonna be fun.

Right now, it’s bloomin’ freezing cold, so I’m going to take my nighty-night tablets, and take my 3DS and my cat to bed.

G’night, y’all~!

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    1. I don’t know how I didn’t see this comment! Sorry ’bout that, Carla. Yeah, it’s weird like that. It seems like it’s the weeks we don’t try at all that are the good weeks…

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