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Weekly Weigh-in: November 4, 2014

+4lbs since October 28, 2014

I said yesterday that I figured that the damage was going to be bad, and yes, it was.

The meeting tonight was about how it’s seven weeks until Christmas. I know I complain often enough (and fairly sure I did in the vlog last night!) about how Christmas comes too early nowadays, but in this case, it’s a welcome target to set. Seven weigh-ins at 1lb or 2lbs loss a week = a half stone or a stone lost by Christmas.

I obviously know that, at my size, I could lose more… but I also know that, with my history, I could flub it and do nothing. My history with Weight Watchers, however, shows me that I can also do it if I put my mind to it. Hell, not just Weight Watchers. I can lose weight any way if I put my mind to it.

So okay, let’s look at the Your Week magazine for a second.

You know how you think about 7lbs, and sometimes it doesn’t seem like much? You know what it’s equivalent to, in Christmas-Food-Terms?

FATGIRLslim | Terry's All Gold Dark Chocolates
EIGHT boxes of Terry’s All Gold Dark chocolates (400g each)
FATGIRLslim | Waitrose Organic Brandy Butter
Sixteen tubs of Waitrose Organic Brandy Butter (200g each)
THREE family-sized Christmas Puddings
FATGIRLslim | A Truckle of Blue Stilton
A truckle of delicious, stinky, crumbly, Stilton cheese (3kg)
FATGIRLslim | Too Many Pringles
SEVENTEEN tubes (or tubs, whatever) of Pringles (190g each)

I mean, when you think about the idea of the contents of 17 tubes of Pringles tossed out, crunched up and just sort of… sitting there, you’d probably kind of go, “OH JESUS THAT’S QUITE A LOT, ISN’T IT?” because you wouldn’t sit and eat seventeen tubes of Pringles all at once. But if you then gradually lost that over the seven weeks, you’d either notice it, or you wouldn’t.

I know that it takes me a lot more than the “normal” amount of weight, than it usually does for everyone else, to go down a dress size. I mean, hell, I’m down 70lbs from my highest weight, and I’m still in the same dress and bra size – they just fit me better.

So I’m not expecting to be a dress size, or even almost a dress size smaller by Christmas.

But it would be nice to be at least ten or fifteen pounds closer to that 350lbs again. And to be in a little less pain.

And I’m the only person who can make sure that that happens.

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