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Weekly Weigh-In: November 2, 2010

Image by ppreacher | by NCND 2.0 CC

27st 9lbs


-26lb (11.79kg)
– 242lbs (109.77kg) to go

I also went clothes shopping today; I haven’t owned a winter coat in FOREVER. The last one I owned I gave to charity before we left Ireland, but I hadn’t WORN it in years (I bought it IN COLLEGE in 2004, 2005 or 2006) and it was too small and TOO WARM, so I went into town today after a hospital appointment, and found a coat in Evans.

It’s actually this coat, but I got it in-store for £30.

Now, obviously it will look different on me than it does on the mannequin.

I still think it looks kind of fabulous:

Click for bigger pic!

Beautiful jewel-tone of purple (YES I HAVE A THING ABOUT PURPLE), shower-proof, REMOVABLE BOW, thank God. Ignore the shitty photos; Mum took them and they were PITCH BLACK originally, thanks to an early sunset and my Kodak V803.

But yeah, I have an amazing coat that probably wouldn’t have fitted me two months ago!

I passed 25lbs weight loss!

I’m 2lbs away from my 2-stone mark!


7 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-In: November 2, 2010”

  1. lol you've gone mad haven’t you! Don’t bother with it saying you're loosing "to fast" if you were loosing to slowly they'd give you tips on how to speed it up rather than slow it down. They just have to cover they're butts in terms of "healthy weight loss" and all that hooha.

    Also be careful in that "good weeks" don’t necessarily show up the following week. It takes time. So all those hard weeks where you tracked? its most likely those that are paying off now.

    You've done well to get this far. Keep it going 🙂

  2. Oh my god, you're so fucking cute. <3

    Also, I am so thrilled for you. Too much weight loss, my ass. I think that's wonderful.

    ♥ And kisses too. <3

  3. Hi Tracey congrats – another great week – purple def suits you! Keep up the good work. I enjoy checking in to see how you are getting on. I had my weigh in this morning – down another 3.5lbs so only 0.5lb to go till I get to 1st lost! Keep writing I love this blog!

  4. I feel ya! My WW online thingie said that too, the week i lost 3lbs. I have to tell you, it really bummed me out. As you say, it should know that ladies that weigh a bit more are going to have weeks where we lose more than a half a pound!!

    Love the purple on you!

    Good luck for this week!



    1. Lesley – It's pretty annoying! You have a great week and suddenly you're told off for it?! ARGH! And thank you. 🙂 Purple's my favourite colour, so I'm glad it looks good on me! Hope you're having a good week. 🙂

  5. you are hilarious! love your vlogs! am totally LMAO that the eTools told you that you were losing weight too quickly. gotta love those standardized things on the website right?

    I agree that Purple suits you. Cute coat! Actually I managed to get a nice jacket from Evans in April 2009 when I was in Glasgow. I was at the beginning of the latest Weight Loss Effort and couldn't find anything here in the Netherlands. It wasn't the first time I had to go to the UK just to find clothes that fit. Lucky you have those stores, seriously! I can go to "normal" shops now, but I still walk out without trying anything more often than not. I have to have someone with me to convince me to try things. Fat Girl Brain is still in full force over here sometimes.

    I'm rambling, sorry 🙂

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