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Weekly Weigh-In: June 28, 2010



-7lb (-3.18kg)
261lbs (118.39kg) to go

2lbs down is a good number. A round number, an even number. I can deal with a 2lb loss. It still leaves me 6lb away from 400lbs, 7lbs away from that high loss, but that’s me back to my first Silver 7™ so I don’t feel like a total cheater, I don’t feel like a scam.

I ate cheese today. For the first time in something like two years, I had a cheese and Branston pickle sandwich for my lunch, and it was lovely. It was, admittedly, 5 POINTS‘ worth of cheese, but it was really nice, a nice change. Won’t be doing it again any time soon. I’ve never had such an expensive sandwich before, I don’t think! Oh, my GOD. Not worth it at all, haha!

I was going to go the gym today, or go swimming, but to be honest, I’m in so much pain, I don’t know if I’ll be able to drag myself up out of my computer chair for much. I hurt all over. My hips hurt and my ovaries hurt – I’ve got my first proper, real period in almost a year and it feels like every cramp I didn’t have is hitting me all at once, and I’m very very tempted just to crawl back into bed.

I’m wondering, if I hadn’t had my period yesterday, would my weight loss have been bigger?

I suppose we’ll see next week.

If I haven’t bled to death or died of cramps by then.

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  1. Yey! Well done! I was on holiday last week – so not looking forward to weigh in tomorrow!! But if you cant have mexican food and Pizza when on holiday…when can you?? ;O

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