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Weekly Weigh-In: August 31, 2010

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28st 12lbs


-9lb (4.08kg)
– 259lbs (117.48kg) to go

So that’s another blip on the radar.

I actually stepped on the scales on Tuesday morning (I know, I know, I shouldn’t have!) and my own scales said that I was 399.9lbs, which would be a 1.2lb (or something) loss from last week.

When I stepped on in WW, Stacey asked me how I’d gotten on, and I said, “Well, I’ve allowed myself a few treats, but I’ve told you how that goes: I allow myself a few treats, and it works into my weekly POINTs, and I gain weight.”

I wasn’t actually expecting to have gained weight, though, because I didn’t eat that much crap. Two boxes of WW bars (14 POINTs); two bars of Mrs Tilly’s Fudge (12 POINTs); a big bag of ASDA’s own brand Skips (11.5 POINTs) and two Aberdeen Butteries (8 POINTs). That’s 45.5 POINTs. Considering my daily POINTs allowance is 37 and I get 14 POINTs on a Sunday from Spinning, 45.5 POINTs in one week from treats is not too bad at all.

As I said, I wasn’t expecting to GAIN weight, especially not when my own scales were telling me that I’d lost weight. After a loss like last week, sure, I wouldn’t have been surprised if I’d stayed the same. It’s happened before.

But to gain 3lbs?


BRB, chopping off limbs again.

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-In: August 31, 2010”

  1. hi i am on ww aswell and have been since april 2009,i have lost 102lbs,in a normal day i eat…

    breakfast–40g special k,small banana,1/4pt skimmed milk;

    mid-morning–apple and weetos cereal bar.

    lunch– tuna pasta or a cold meat salad sandwich and ww yogurt

    my choice of dinners are baked potato with chilli made with ww sauce and salad or sea salt and black pepper fish with ww chips,or stirfry with noodles and other choices,my snacks are pink n whites,fruit,quavers,ww bars.i was just wondering what u eat to see if i can offer any advice to help u have a weekly loss.hope u don't take offence to this.

    1. Hi, Andrea! No offence taken. My usual day is… a bowl of cereal and skim milk for breakfast (9 points). A bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich (or cold cuts or whatever) and a fat-free yoghurt (9 or 10 points) OR a tin of Cream of Tomato soup and two slices of bread with a fat-free yoghurt (8 points) OR another bowl of cereal and skim milk (9 points) for lunch. Dinner can be anything, because Mum usually cooks, but it's almost always a Weight Watchers recipe, anything from 3 or 4 points to 12 points, depending on the recipe and portion size. Of course, we occasionally treat ourselves and get take-away too.

      But my problem is I'm on 37 points a day and even eating three meals that high in point still leaves me a lot of points to eat at the end of the day! That's where the "junk" comes in, I'm afraid…

      (Mmm, tuna pasta… I love tuna pasta for lunch.)

  2. hi tracey,when i first started i was on 36 points per day and what i used to day was eat every couple of hours,maybe u could try that and see how it goes,i had a regular weight loss every wk.I also plan my meals and treats a few days in advance.keep up the good work

  3. My advice is to not eat your Activity Points or your Weekly extra points for a few weeks and see if that gets results.


    Don't give up!

  4. Hi Tracy, I agree with Tara. See what happens. Oh yeah, I as I always tell myself when I gain….don't give up, easy to say, hard to do…but don't give up. You are worth it.

  5. Hi Tracy

    I was just wondering how you pointed Mrs Tilly's Fudge as there is no calorific advice on the packaging that I can se I also had a lookin my WW shopping guide and I can't see it in there either !!!!! Any help you can give on pointing food that doesn't give you info would be great as I try to avoid this as much as poss and I miss out on my wee treats lol.

    On your other issue I would get the dress first as shoes really will be easier to get, Also it might be a good idea to go for a silver shoe and bag as they will prob be more practical in the future in money if a bit tight.

    1. @Hettie: Mrs Tilly's fudge has calorific advice listed here, which is where I'm crossing my fingers and hoping they're right! That's usually where I look, or The Daily Plate's pretty good, too. Or, as my old Weight Watchers leader used to say, if it doesn't have nutritional information, don't eat it, haha! But yeah, you really do miss out on the treats if you do this. Re: shoes and things – I have a silver shoe I can wear if I end up not being able to afford purple ones, but they kill my feet, alas. I'd just love to have a coordinated outfit, mostly!

      @Doll: Littlewoods' plus size range NEVER fit me well enough, I'm afraid! And I've checked Evans out, but there's one dress that'd be suitable for a wedding that I'd love but can't afford. 🙁

      @Dee: Yup, I try never to eat my exercise POINTs (and then am told to do the opposite!) but yeah. Not giving up, no worries!

      @ Tara: <3 Thank you, yeah. I know the two weeks I DID eat all my exercise POINTs were the two weeks I really regretted it. They're there in case I accidentally miscount something, mostly. I never intentionally eat them unless told otherwise.

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