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Weekly Weigh-In: August 17, 2010

29st 2lbs


263lbs (119.29kg) to go

Well, at least when I woke up on Sunday with my womb trying to kill me from the inside out, I had an explanation for my cravings this past week.

That time of the month.

So that’s 3lbs on this week, which takes me back three weeks, which is a complete pain, really. I just need to be careful this week, track everything, eat the right foods.

I’ve got enough apples to last me the week, and some mandarins, too, although I’m half suspicious that they’ve just put some oranges in a bag and marked them “mandarins”, because they peel and taste like oranges, just minus the seeds.

So, here’s to next week.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-In: August 17, 2010”

    1. Azy:

      side view

      top view

      … yes, I picked my PS2 controller, because at least you know what size that is. 😉 I swear, the last time I had mandarins, they were much smaller than this. And a lot less tart.

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