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Weekly Weigh-In: August 10, 2010

13th August 2010

28st 13lbs


260lbs (117.93kg) to go

A little late, I’ll admit, but I’ve had a busy week. We, my big sister and I, decided to try out the Tuesday meeting, because it’s more convenient – at least for me, anyway – and means that Linda’s fiancé is available to give her a lift, because on Monday nights he goes to football practise, and with Dad at work, we’re both usually screwed for a lift.

Also on Tuesday, I had a meeting with a new therapist, who told me that one of the medications I’m currently on, Mirtazapine, is one that she normally prescribes to people who are looking to gain weight. She’s referring me for EMDR, and is going to see about possibly changing me from Mirtazapine onto something else that doesn’t have such bad weight-gain side-effects. If she can’t find something, I’m either going to look into coming off of the anti-depressants altogether (this is a hard decision, because Mirtazapine has made me feel human for the first time in years) or possibly going onto an SSRI-class anti-depressant, which doesn’t quite agree with me, but is better than being depressed.

I also went for my health check for Up For It? as I mentioned two posts ago, but because I’m already a member of a gym, I am, unfortunately, not eligible. So I shall continue paying for my gym membership and going on the elliptical and the stationary bike and attending my Sunday morning Spinning class and thinking about going back to the swimming pool once the schools are back in session.

Wednesday was the culmination of a couple of weeks of hell, which I’d successfully managed to keep hidden from this blog (but which has been mentioned on my personal Twitter):

A few weeks ago, I found a lump in my breast.

On Wednesday, after two examinations by my GP and a breast doctor over two separate appointments and a few weeks, I had an ultrasound, and was finally told:

I don’t have cancer. It’s just a lump that’s supposed to be there because you have very large breasts.

That was a huge weight off of my mind, as you can probably imagine.

So that’s been my week: no cancer, no Up For It?, lost 1lb.

Here’s to the next week, eh, chaps?

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