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Weekly Weigh-in #8: February 19, 2012



Stayed the same this week; I’m perfectly happy with that. I feel like I ate the entire contents of my house on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights (not that the contents of my fridge amounts to a lot of rubbish right now, but at one point, I ate two sandwiches in a row – four slices of bread with stuff between them kind of a thing – and I was still hungry an hour later) so yeah.

I realise that, with the extra walking I’m doing, I shouldn’t be staying the same at all, but: eating the contents of my house.

I think it’s possibly because of all the extra walking that I’ve been so hungry. I’ve certainly been more tired lately.

But I’ve been doing fine! Enjoying being in my own wee place; enjoying having celebrated two years of gym patronage.

On Wednesday night, at my Spinning class, it was Sammi’s turn to take the class, and when we got to ten minutes before the end of class, she said, “Right, if I told you this was the last one, would you believe me?”

She disappeared into the instructors’ wee room, and then we heard, “… what if I told you it was seven and a half minutes long?”

She was actually joking about that. It wasn’t seven and a half minutes long.

It was eight and a half minutes long.

An eight and a half minute hill climb.

For any other instructor, a hill climb is where you gradually increase the intensity. Or you put on a little intensity, and then shove on ALL THE INTENSITY at the chorus, and then pull it back.

With Sammi, a hill climb is this:

You whack on all the resistance you can manage at the start of the song.

And then you whack on some more as you go through the song.

I’ve managed hill climbs like that for up to four and a half or five minutes before.

This one was eight and a half minutes long.

I’ll admit, I got to about five and a half minutes and I had to straighten up, instead of having my ass back over my seat, because the position just wasn’t good for my back.

But I managed it.

All eight minutes and 25 seconds of HELL.

It was awesome.

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