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Weekly Weigh-in #6: February 6, 2012



I figured it’d be bad this week. We’ve been running around ridiculously and eating store-bought things instead of cooking meals, basically.

I’m moving into my own house tomorrow, properly, so hopefully my eating habits will improve because all of my money will have to be budgeted properly.

(Haha, what money?!)

I honestly thought the amount of times I’d dragged myself up the three flights of stairs to my flat would have meant I’d lose weight, but nah, apparently not. *laughs* My Zumba class has also been cancelled for the foreseeable future, because they haven’t been able to get an instructor to cover it while my Very Pregnant Instructor, Gillian, goes off on maternity leave (finally).

But I’m still doing my three Spin classes a week, and my Aquafit on Wednesday mornings.

God knows.

My body’s just screwy.

I did however, just start on The Pill again. Didn’t that happen last time I started on The Pill? I gained a metric butt-tonne of weight?

Rrgh, stupid medications.

Anyway. This coming week should be better, because I basically have no food in my house to eat, so I should lose weight through starvation. (Totally kidding, sort of. Sort of.)

I’ll see how it goes.

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