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Weekly Weigh-in #50: December 9, 2012


27st 1lb

(Apologies for the no-show yesterday. Spent all day at my parents’ place and basically went to bed when I got home. Pain = exhausting.)

Was personally expecting to have lost something this week, because my eating’s been clean. I’ve had two bottles of soda more than usual (2 litre bottles) but since I drink Diet/Zero, there aren’t any calories in there.

It’s kind of annoying when you get to this point and you’re going, “What’s going wrong?! I’m doing pretty much everything I can and it’s still not going right for me!”

When I look harder, I’ll probably realise that I’m not doing everything right – I know I could be exercising more, but it’s 80% diet, 20% exercise, so I also know that exercise only does so much; I know I could be eating more fresh fruit and veg, but it’s not like my diet consists of junk food and nothing but junk food. I’m cooking meals most of the time. I had two days this week where I had ready-made meals, but that’s 2/21 meals.

It’s just frustrating. It feels like I’m fattening up for hibernation, except, you know, I’m human. I don’t hibernate.

I never want to see 400lbs on a scale again. Ever ever. Ever.

So what the eff do I do when I feel like I’m doing the most I humanly can do, and more doesn’t seem possible?