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Weekly Weigh-in #5: January 29, 2012



I’m not entirely sure how I managed it this week. I wasn’t watching what I was eating while I was eating it; I was tracking my food after I’d eaten it. It was that kind of a week!

So to have a four pound weight loss?

Yeah, I’ll take that.

I’m especially happy with it, because I’ve not been able to work out like usual this week, because of my shoulder. My shoulder is giving me HELL right now, especially when I’m lying in bed, trying to sleep.

That said, I must have done something right, to get my first decent weight loss of the year!

Fingers crossed that it continues like this for the rest of 2012. This is gonna be the year that I get into the 200s!

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-in #5: January 29, 2012”

  1. Thats an excellent result and I don't foresee you having much difficulty getting into the 200s. You mentioned before that this is all uncharted territory not being able to remember being that weight before so I'm sure it will be pretty thrilling to see that figure (or, well, whatever figure the Zero Scale shows to signify it).
    Having your own home may be beneficial too because you'll be in pretty much total control of what you eat and what food you have in the house not to mentioned the reduced stress that accompanies additional privacy and independence!

    1. I totally agree! The only downside is, of course, I have total control over what I eat! *laughs* I really need to be strict with myself, and make sure I cook myself healthy things.

      We're just trying to make sure that I have a cooker and a fridge, right now. I'm looking at moving in this week, so it's… scary. Gotta figure out internet! Can't live without my 'net!

      1. Well I'm sure you'll manage! There don't seem to be that many occasions when you're not disciplined!

        I can imagine that it is scary! There are plenty of cheap internet providers around though. Sky has a free for x months deal for new customers (irrespective of whether or not they take the TV package) and some of the others offer it free with the landline package. It has been four months since we moved and we are still not unpacked. This is terrible!

  2. Congrats on this week's result and getting your new place! You will have to post pics asap! Lol. I love having my own place too, but you're right, it can be the best and the worst thing when it comes to food, but I'm sure with your motivation you will keep it a positive thing 🙂

    Angela x

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