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Weekly Weigh-in #49: December 2, 2012


27st 1lb

Another 3lbs gained, but I will admit up-front that I’ve eaten an entire jar of peanut butter and an entire jar of jam since Thursday. I have been having PB&J sandwiches like nobody’s business.

Beyond that, my eating’s been good and healthy. It felt good, to be back at Zumba, but it’s going to take a good long while before I’m back to feeling as good as I was when I was down at 340lbs, and I know that. I’ve got another three stones to lose before I’m back to feeling anything vaguely near “good”.

The thing that’s annoying me right now is that I know I have a lot of exercise videos, but they’re all on my external hard drive that’s BUGGERED right now. I’m going to have to look on YouTube to see if there’s anything that I can do at home that won’t jiggle the Christmas tree once it’s up.

I don’t want baubles falling all over the place when I’m exercising.

It snowed tonight.

(speschul @ Instagram)

That’s going to make it extremely difficult to do any walking, but I’ve ordered a pair of snow boots, and I’ve got my windproof/waterproof coat that I can wear, so hopefully I’ll be okay, if/when I decide to go for a walk, no matter how short.