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Weekly Weigh-In #41: October 31, 2011

25st 2lbs


-30lb (-13.61kg)
207lbs (93.89kg) to go

Argh, what the hell?!

I didn’t do anything that bad this week. On Saturday night, I went to my sister’s Hallowe’en Party, and I got a little drunk, and I ate some junk and some sweets, but I didn’t go overboard.

I certainly didn’t go three pounds overboard.

There are weeks like this when I’m totally confused about what the hell my body is actually doing. I exercise four times a week, burning approximately 2,500 calories, which should burn off almost 1lb in itself. The rest of the week, I’m eating my daily calorie limit (around about 2,200 calories) which should be enough for me to lose 3lbs a week, going by the BMR/Harris-Benedict equation.

So to gain 3lbs, I just don’t know.



It’s done, I’ll deal with it, and get on with the coming week. Try to figure out what I want November’s Go The Distance challenge to be, and then get on with it.

Simple as that.