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Weekly Weigh-In #38: October 10, 2011

10th October 2011

25st 1lbs


-31lb (-14.06kg)
206lbs (93.44kg) to go

That’s a bit better.

I kind of figured that last week was Period Weight. I know that’s usually a bullshit excuse used by a lot of women who eat like crap the week of their period, but I always seem to gain weight when I have my period, no matter how I eat.

The fact that I’m back down to close to 25st means that I’m thinking of the week ahead, and that, next week, my weight could start with 24st (or I could be in the 340s), if I really work my butt off at it.

(There’s an added bonus of I have no money to buy crap this week, even if I wanted to, so that’s good.)

I’ve been on this plateau since August now, and it’s starting to piss me off a little. I’m thinking that I should be starting to drop dress sizes soon, and I really want to.

But I was also thinking that I’m a lower weight now than when I was living in Oregon, but I look significantly bigger, and that’s pretty annoying. I posted those photos before, of me in the red fake-shirt-and-jumper combo, and I had no back fat (or, no back-fat-flaps) and I still have back fat flaps.

If I get past 350/25st in this next week, I’ll take another progress picture to post on the progress page, see how much of a difference there is between 369lbs and 350lbs.

I know I took my measurements the other day, and I’ve lost another inch off my waist, an inch off my hips, and other inches off other places, so obviously it’s working.

I just wish it’d work a little faster.

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