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  1. I don't know if I am wrong for pointing this out but… you are a woman and therefore you have ladybits and all the intricacies that go with them and these things can affect your weight too, right?

    I dunno much about water retention but if water weighs 1kg/l it would soon add up and there are probably other things too.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that just because you've gained weight it does not necessarily mean that it is FAT (and, for that matter, didn't you lose it just as rapidly last time anyway?).

    Obviously that doesn't help. It is incredibly frustrating to know you're doing everything right and it still isn't working properly but don't give up!

    Also… fuck anyone who says you're in denial. I could probably tell you more about what you eat and what exercise you do through the various sites you use than my own habits because you're so open about this stuff!

    1. The annoying thing is, I'm not bloating, and despite coming off The Pill (causes weight gain) I'm yet to have a period. I don't think it's water retention. I don't know WHAT'S happening.

      It's seriously frustrating because I'm putting in the hard work in classes, and I'm going to the gym and lifting weights, and I walk pretty much everywhere I need to go. I just… don't understand how I can gain SO MUCH FUCKING WEIGHT when I didn't even eat THAT MANY CALORIES to begin with, let alone THAT MANY EXCESS calories.


      *clings to you*

  2. I think James made an excellent point. Just because the scales say +7lb that dosnt meen you gained 7lb of fat in one week. It could also be water retention, it could be the weight of food and water in your stomach if you had just eaten before weighing, maybe you havnt been to the 'loo' etc, etc.
    I know you're looking for ideas maybe you could try what i do sometimes. I duno if you know i usually eat gluten free vegetarian? So i dont get alot of choice and you're right shopping is damn expencive especially gluten free so sometimes on a monday i make a big pot of lentil and vegetable soup. I just buy the pre chopped bags of carrot, turnip, onions etc you get 3 bags for £2.50 in tesco. I throw it all in a pot then put it in seperate little tubs. I put some in the fridge and some in the freezer. For less than £5 it can keep you going for most the week. It fills you up and its low calorie. If you're boiling up chunks of meat? You could be keeping the stock from that for yours.

    1. I tried going veggie, once. I was eating a bacon sandwich within a day or two. I'm hopeless. But I've wondered if I'm gluten-intolerant, because I always seem to do better when I'm eating a refined-carb-free diet.

      I need to start making my carrot and coriander soup again, now that it's coming into That Season again. I've also got a few tins of pumpkin in my cupboard that I bought from Amazon specifically for making pumpkin and coconut soup last winter, but never got around to it before it got to springtime.

      And oh, how I miss Tesco. *pines*

  3. You could put meat in your soup though, oo you could make pea and ham? I make tomatoe soup or spicy pumpkin sometimes but i find the chunky soups more filling.

    1. Mmm, spicy pumpkin soup. But it's so friggin' hard to find pumpkins when it's not hallowe'en. Why don't they sell it in cans here, like they do in the USA? Honestly. Silly Britain.

      I'm actually amused, in hindsight, how I said, "Nope, can't go veggie!" and then listed off two completely vegetarian soups. To be honest, I eat vegetarian soups, mostly, unless it's Heinz Cream of Chicken, which I rarely, if ever, get. *laughs*

  4. Hiya,

    Been lurking on your log for well over a year and have never commented before but your post today just broke my heart. I have been following your progress (albeit as a lurker) and am always so thrilled for you when you do lose weight, but even when you don't I have always found your attitude inspiring. You have set yourself an incredible goal and have been working so hard to achieve what you have achieved so far. Even with some weight gain, bear in mind that just by being active, you have improved your health and your quality of life. I (and I'm sure many other readers) admire your courage and your perseverance in working toward your goal in spite of setbacks, including severe pain. You show up to your classes, you work give it everything you have, and you face the world every day with the most amazing courage and positive attitude when so many people in your situation feel they have no choice but to give up. You may feel like you have a long way to go but remember that you have also come a long way, not just in pounds but in fitness, health, independence, self esteem and self respect. Don't give up! I am rooting for you.

    1. Hola, anon. Thank you, seriously. I'm sorry I broke your heart, even a little! It's just- well, like I said. Hard to put down in words, how much it destroys you, when you know you're not doing the damage, to have weight gains like that. I have no plans to give up, though, don't worry! I said this would be the time I'd hit my target, and I mean it. I'm not giving up this time, because I'm not sure I'd have the power to start again if I did, to be honest.

      So no. No giving up. Just gonna keep trundling on, going to my classes, trying to figure out what works. (You'd think after this length of time, I'd know!)

      I'll get there, eventually. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ad astra per aspera.

  5. Hang in there! The guy above there is right – even without weight loss, you are improving your health and your life quality every day (that is what I tell myself in disappointing weeks). I climbed a munro (for non-scots, a mountain bigger than 1000m/3000ft) the other day, must've been the person with the highest BMI ever to scale that peak, but I did it! Those victories are probably more important than weight loss!

    I think what Alison is saying is right too – healthy eating can be cheap. In my experience, sticking to one of these high-protein fad diets isn't (palaeo, atkins, etc) – I couldn't afford to eat that much meat! Root veggies (especially anything seasonal), and green stuff, really is dirt cheap, as are lentils/dried beans, etc. I pep things up with meaty bits and pieces but meat is rarely the main event. I really had to re-train my taste buds to start appreciating more 'humble' meals, and certainly being really freaking hungry on a calorie-restricted diet helps! I eat a lot of eggs (well, I don't know what other people would class as a lot – I guess I eat 5-6 eggs per week). A two egg omelette style thing-y with onion and mushrooms makes a great dinner, and is cheap. You can buy things like chorizo sausage, and just add it very sparingly to things like that – making it last ages but adding a bit of pep to lots of dishes. Currently, I am eating 1800 calories a day and spend between £20 and £40 a week on groceries in total (that includes household stuff, personal toiletries, wine and cat litter/food – the cat food isn't for me…).

    1. Guest, first off, let me say: I AM EXTREMELY IMPRESSED. Climbing a munro is no mean feat! ๐Ÿ˜€ I once walked/climbed Duncryne Hill ("The Dumpling") when I was 11 or 12 years old, but that's about the extent of my experience in that area. Climbing three flights of stairs is a victory for me now. *laughs*

      The only problem, for me, with eating a high-veggie diet, as opposed to a high-protein diet, is that I feel a lot more hungry on them. I eat a LOT of protein – probably 1.5 to 2x a "normal" woman's portion – because it keeps me full. And yes, EGGS. ๐Ÿ˜€ I do go through a lot of eggs – I make my own mayonnaise, and omelettes are a favourite in the winter. But I'll need to see how much a chorizo is. I know it's DELICIOUS. ๐Ÿ™‚ Also good in pasta dishes.

      I've set my own calorie goal to 1,800 a day, too. I did a BMR calculation online, and it says it's around 3,800, SUPPOSEDLY. So that, alone, would be a 2,000 calorie deficit PER DAY. I personally don't believe that, otherwise I'd be losing upwards of 3lbs a week, even without doing any exercise.

      And why not eat that cat food and litter? *grin* Good roughage and extra ash!

  6. Ugh, Tracy, you break my heart. You are so strong and your attitude is so incredible. I read your blog religiously, and your setbacks never keep you down. I want to just beg you to put your scale away for a week or a month. Focus on something ELSE. You are going to spinning class, zumba, swimming, you are accomodating frequent pain and not just saying 'I can't exercise,' you are tracking your food, you are writing in your blog regularly–You are doing so many things that are healthy and show progress. The scale is being a little asshole, because your body is doing something weird, you are obviously not eating 24,500 excess calories a week, okay? So just put it away. Please. PLEASE. You are so much better than that stupid number this week. Set other goals. Fitness goals. Personal goals. Just fuck the scale, it's not the measurement for you right now.

    1. Kelly: The only problem with putting the scale away for a week is I might gain another 14lbs (hopefully/obviously not in a week. I'd hope.) and not know about it, and just keep doing what I'm doing. I know it's… ugh. It's friggin' HARD, seeing gains like that, but at least I can look at it and go, "Something needs to change. … I don't know WHAT, yet, but SOMETHING NEEDS TO CHANGE."

      My body is doing something awful right now, and I wish it wasn't. I'm hoping that the minor change in my medication helps (the 11lb weight-gain coincided with a reduction in one of my antidepressants) and that maybe that was the problem. Or part of it.

      And don't worry, I've always got other goals: right now, I've set myself the goal of also going to the gym to lift weights twice a week, and I'll increase that to three times a week when I'm sure my arm isn't going to go haywire on me again.


      1. I'm glad. I just want to reiterate that you're amazing, and being so vulnerable and open about your disappointments/successes/struggles/etc. is really inspiring and way more honest and brave than I could ever hope to be. I don't know. You're awesome, I just can't wait to see you figure out this issue so that you can feel better again. Also, red lipstick is a super good choice for you.

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