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Weekly Weigh-In #33: September 5, 2011

25st 3lbs


-29lb (-13.15kg)
208lbs (94.38kg) to go

That’s a little better!

Even although our first week on The Core Plan didn’t go entirely to plan – two main meals during the week weren’t Core Plan-compliant, and I went over my 21 Points because of that and a few things during the week, but I’m always more than covered by my Exercise Points in that regard – it obviously wasn’t too bad.

Overall, I’m surprised by how hungry I was, almost every day, but when I was hungry, I didn’t glut myself on junk food. I ate things like bowls of porridge and grapes and bananas instead.

Obviously, it made a difference.

I’ll tell you something, though: I woke up when the postman knocked the door at a quarter to nine this morning, and weighed myself then, and I was only at 25st 5lbs.

I went back to bed.

When I got up, I weighed myself again, and I weighed 25st 3lbs.

I apparently lost 2lbs in 4 hours. Just from peeing! Amazing.

But I’m pretty glad, overall. Numbers going down = good. Hopefully I’m over this little hump. Hopefully, the numbers will continue to go down.

I’d really like to get past this 25st/350lb mark sometime soon.

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