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Weekly Weigh-in #32: August 5, 2012


25st 7lbs

This week, I’m perfectly fine with maintaining, because my brain just hasn’t been…

It’s not all there this week.

I’ve changed my exercise again, to accomodate my back pain. I’m actually giving up – GASP – Sunday Morning Spin for a while.

Instead, I’m doing:

Monday: swimming (possibly and gym)
Tuesday: Zumba
Wednesday: Rest day
Thursday: Swimming (possibly and gym)
Friday: Swimming (possibly and gym)
Saturday: Rest day
Sunday: Rest day

All of the exercise days also include a walk to and from the gym (except for alternate Tuesdays, where I get my groceries, in which case I walk around getting my groceries after Zumba and then get a ride home from my parentals).

It’s just that I went to Friday Night Spin last week, and standing up on the bike was hurting my spine terribly. I could barely deal with it.

Swimming, I can deal with.

I’ll get back to Spinning once this pain’s been dealt with.

But right now, I’m accommodating it. Doing what I can do make sure I’m still exercising, but I’m not doing myself a worse injury.

And hopefully I’ll start seeing some weight loss again, with the combination of exercise + South Beach Diet.

Fingers crossed.