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Weekly Weigh-in #30: July 22, 2012


24st 10lbs

*throws hands in the air*

In food-related news, I think I ate my entire week’s worth of calories tonight. Given that result above, I probably shouldn’t have, but it was Dad’s birthday yesterday – and he was working yesterday – so we, those of us who are left in Hamilton, went out to a “World Buffet” for a meal tonight.

I actually didn’t feel that I’d overeaten until I’d finished dessert. Given that my meal usually consists of ONE COURSE, I think having a meal with all three was pushing it a little.

But I I had a plateful of different starters, including THREE JALAPEÑO POPPERS, oh god, how good and how much cheddar and deep-fried goodness did I just eat; I didn’t have a huge amount of main course; a wee bit of rice, a wee bit of curry, and two wee cuts of naan bread.

I had three mini desserts and a chocolate-covered profiterole. And then two scoops of ice-cream, plus two skewers covered in melted chocolate, each with a strawberry, a grape, and a marshmallow on them.

DELICIOUS DESSERT oh god I’m stuffed full. Totally worth it. If food didn’t digest so quickly, I’d probably be fine until tomorrow night.

Stupid food.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-in #30: July 22, 2012”

  1. Hi..

    Just wanted to say I found your blog by accident, and you are a true inspiration.
    Your tenacity and determination to see this through, despite the ups and downs is amazing.

    I will be eagerly reading your updates as they come.
    Tan in Australia.

    1. Aww, I really appreciate that, thanks! 🙂 Even although I still find it weird when people call me an inspiration – I fail so hard sometimes!

      Updates are usually twice a week, sometimes more; the only set day is Sunday, which is weigh-in day. Everything else is fair game. 🙂

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