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Weekly Weigh-in #4: January 22, 2012



There we go.

Told y’all I had my head screwed back on properly after the breakup fiasco.

It probably helps that I talked to Janey and it was friendly and good, and not at all awkward. Of all the breakups I’ve had, there are only two of my exes that I don’t speak to any more, and that’s only because one of them I wasn’t “technically” dating, if you were to ask him.

Moving off of the subject of my nonexistent love life and back to the topic of my losing weight and getting healthy:

I may be moving house again soon.

This is slightly terrifying, because I do not have a cooker or a fridge/freezer.

What I would really like, of course, is an American-style fridge/freezer or a SMEG (even although their freezers are teensy tiny) and a range cooker, because I have Big Dreams, but No Money. *laughs*

The point is, I moved into a flat near Dublin without a fridge or a freezer, and I ended up living on takeaway food, and that’s how I ended up at 32st. I’m not going to do that again.

So I have to find this stuff before I move in. Freecycle and Gumtree are good places to look.

I don’t know what I’m gonna do.

I’m gonna be an adult.

An actual, grown-up, responsible adult.

I put an order in with Food Bargains. Something like 50 packets of Ainsley Harriott couscous. Three different flavours. Four bottles of no-added-sugar Vimto. Diet Coke. And a bottle of Newman’s Own marinade. It came to just over £10.

I like couscous.

I love Ainsley’s couscous. Stuff like that will do me for a quick meal – a chicken breast done in my big George Foreman grill, a portion of couscous, and some veg on the side.

That’d do me once or twice a week. And 50 sachets of couscous will last me a long time.

I’ll admit, I’m totally worried about moving out.

I’m worried about cooking for myself and maybe going a little mad and having pancakes every night for three weeks or something.

I’m also hoping that I’ll have enough sense to not do that.

But I suppose we’ll see, won’t we?

4 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-in #4: January 22, 2012”

  1. well done on the weight loss and getting your head in the right place, though I'm still sorry for the breakup *hugs*

    can you family help at all with the fridge and the stove? When Ron and I first were living together we had one of those tiny boxes for a fridge (like the kids have in college, you know?) and just a stove TOP no oven. We got by for years like that.

    Those little fridges we found new for EUR 100 for our department at work too. Surely you can find something! Wish I knew people to ask for you!!

    1. Re: the breakup – at least we're still friends? I think it would have been worse if I'd been an idiot about it and just stopped talking to her. I'd have been devastated.

      My family are poor poor poority poor. They couldn't even afford one of the wee mini-fridges for me. :/ I used to have one of those in college, to keep my cans of soda in my room. But yeah. Alas, poor. I'm gonna keep my eyes peeled on the free sites, and Gumtree. And keep my fingers crossed. <3

  2. No fridge or cooking stuff makes it difficult but not impossible. A little fridge is better than none, or a cooler even if you have access to those & ice or ice packs. You have a foreman grill so that is great, it can work… little by little you can add more conveience as you go and just check around in the for people selling old ones or something.

    1. Fingers crossed! At least I know I can always head to my parents' place for dinner, if it comes to it. *laughs* They did offer, after all.

      But I'd prefer to have my place LIVEABLE, y'know? Proper fridge and freezer, proper cooker – even if it's not my dream fridge/freezer and cooker, yet. 🙂 In time, maybe. But right now, I'd take ANYTHING.

      I also need the apartment, first! Still waiting on the call to say it's ready for me~

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