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Weekly Weigh-In #28: July 25, 2011

25st 4lbs


-28lb (-12.70kg)
210lbs (95.25kg) to go

The scale actually read “353.8lbs”, but since it’s so close to 354, I rounded it up. But I was annoyingly excited at seeing 353 on the scale. So close and yet so far away!

Considering the week I’ve had, I’m surprised I’ve lost anything. I had a Milkybar and a whole pack of cookies when we went to see Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 at the cinema during the week, and then Mum made pancakes, and I had five.

(That’s just how many there were.)

I’ve noticed something really amazing, though, this week: I’ve had quite a few white flour products this week and every time, I’ve been left really, really bloated and uncomfortable. I’m kind of thinking that I should steer clear of them from now on.

(Except little portions of naan bread. I can deal with little portions of naan bread. Even if it does give me the hiccups.)

But yeah, another pound gone. Not sure what else to say.

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