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Weekly Weigh-In #27: July 18, 2011

25st 5lbs


-27lb (-12.25kg)
211lbs (95.71kg) to go

I’ll admit I’m a little bit disappointed to only lose a pound, but a loss is a loss. I’m hoping that all the exercise I put in this week just hasn’t shown up yet, and next week’ll be a really good loss to make up for it.

Especially since I was EXPECTING a really good loss today, and bought myself a pack of donuts at ASDA yesterday – 5 sugar ring donuts – but I only got to eat 3 of them, anyway. Dad ate two while I was asleep, saving me from myself.

But yeah. I did a BUTTLOAD of exercise this week – on top of my three Spin classes and my Zumba class, I spent an hour on the elliptical, and I spent an hour swimming, plus about half an hour walking. It should all show up eventually.

If nothing else, at least it’s helping me tone up.

I’m pretty excited, because I’m going to see Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part II tomorrow night with Mum, Lorna and Matt. I’m thinking: POCKY. It’s only about 200 calories a pack. I can deal with that.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-In #27: July 18, 2011”

  1. You probably did lose weight, but you also gained muscle. If you're exercising your ass off (literally) and you don't see any results, don't trust the scale since muscle weighs more than fat. Feel yourself up (XD), the parts of your body that you've been working out the most should feel tighter.

    ^you probably know all this, I've been lurking your blog for a little while and I just thought this will be a bit of encouragement.

    1. Thanks, Ava, yeah. That's what I'm hoping, is that I'm gaining muscle, but if I'm gaining muscle, I should be burning calories faster, right? Oy. I can't be happy!


      1. It sucks having to be patient.
        You would be losing weight faster because your metabolism should be going up when more muscle is formed. Maybe your body is getting used to your workout? "No pain, no gain.", is true. I used to work out like 15 times a day, but I didn't work out to the point where I ached.

        That's what I've been doing now, my teeth hurt, I can hardly walk, and there's so much sweat all my creases feel like a swamp. But it's working, my calves feel firmer. I've been stuck in the 240s forever, but my clothes feel looser, except for my lower back and thighs. I'm pretty sure the fat there has turned into bone, it won't budge >:|

        1. I used to go to the gym five times a week and then go to Spin on a Sunday, but the gym's just no fun any more, so it's just Spin three times a week, Zumba once a week, and the elliptical 20 minutes before Spin (or after Spin, on a Sunday). I know I've got more muscle in my legs than I used to have, but I really need to start doing upper-body weight works to start building more muscle, to up my metabolism.

          It's annoying, though, when I keep thinking, "I SHOULD BE LOSING WEIGHT FASTER. I'M HUGE." I think that's annoying for ANYONE trying to lose weight. XD

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