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Weekly Weigh-in #27: July 1, 2012


24st 8lbs

Another week, and I’m still at the same weight.

(Or, well. It moved by 0.1lb, up the way, but since I don’t log those…)

Once again, I suppose I should be grateful that I didn’t gain weight, but I feel like I exercised enough and ate leanly enough that I should have lost something.

It’s starting to get frustrating. This is the third week.

I’m going to have to start eliminating things from my diet again. I’ve cut my portion size down to “regular” portion sizes (weighing things out, even!) these past two weeks – except for my protein; I don’t weigh my protein, and usually just have two chicken breasts or three bits of fish from the packet. I don’t care about the extra calories if it’s from protein – and still no change?



The team at Skinny Sprinkles were good enough to send me a week’s supply of Skinny Sprinkles to try them out, so expect that review next week! It’s a fibre-based water-soluble drink that helps make you fuller, and gives you more energy for exercise and your general daily life. I’ve got all the details; I’ll include them with the review. And they’re Strawberry Smoothie flavour! Can’t wait to try them out.

So we’ll see if that makes a difference, taking one of those before my meals.

Because something needs to happen, before I go demented.

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    1. Actually, each chicken breast is tiny, about 2oz, so having two chicken breasts is perfectly fine. Also, my BMR is higher than a normal, average woman's, so I should be eating more calories. Even eating two normal-sized chicken breasts at a meal, assuming I didn't overload with carbs and other calories, would also be acceptable. It's all in the context.

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