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Weekly Weigh-in #25: June 17, 2012

17th June 2012


24st 8lbs

Oh well, the ascent into madness has stopped, but I didn’t lose anything this week, either.

My general mood this week was good (except for one blip in the middle, but family and friends saw to it that I didn’t dwell on matters) so I didn’t even feel like going over to the Co-Op and buying tubs of whatever ice-cream was on offer.

I did buy one tub of Carte D’Or rum & raisin when I was in Sainsbury’s getting more liver for pâté, but Carte D’Or works out a lot cheaper, calorie-wise, for a larger tub (800-ish calories for 400g of Carte D’Or instead of 1000+ calories for 500ml of Haagen Dazs or Ben & Jerry’s) and over three nights with my dinner, it wasn’t too bad.

I’ve also said that this week is the week I’m going to try to give up SODA.

Given that I drink maybe five or six 2 litres bottles of soda in any given week, plus 1 or 2 500ml bottles, I’d say I’m pretty addicted.

I like the fizz.

I also like how cold it is, coming straight out of the ‘fridge, and that’s something you don’t get out of the tap. So I’m going to buy ONE 2 litre bottle this week, drink it, and use the bottle to fill it up with either water or diluting juice (cordial) and put that in the ‘fridge so it’s really good and cold when I pour it out.

I’ve also got coffee and green tea and Earl Grey to hand, so.

Let’s see how well I do on this. I’ll probably get withdrawal headaches.

That’s not gonna be fun.

But it needs to be done, anyway. The soda habit’s not good for me – far, far, far too much aspartame going into my system – and it’s not good for my wallet.

Fingers crossed.

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