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Weekly Weigh-in #24: June 10, 2012


24st 8lbs

Obviously whatever I’m doing isn’t working. I’m going to have to look at what I’m doing, change some things up.

Thing is, I’ve been working like a fiend this week. I’ve hardly sat down, except to take a ten minute break every half hour because my back’s been killing me.

I’ve been painting my kitchen. It’s almost finished: I’m gonna put the finishing touches to it once I’m done writing this entry, and then I’m gonna put everything back into it, and it’ll be awesome because I’ll have a kitchen again.

But yeah. I’ve basically been painting. I ache. My kitchen looks awesome.

But I gained two pounds?



I’m gonna have to take a serious look at what I’m doing right now. Obviously the “eat when I’m hungry/don’t eat when I’m not” thing isn’t working out.


I’ll figure something out. Don’t worry about me; I’ll be okay.

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