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Weekly Weigh-in #21: May 20, 2012


24st 5lbs

I mentioned yesterday that it’s That Time Of The Month, or for those of you who don’t speak Fatso:

I am having my period.
Aunt Flo has come to visit.
I’m riding the crimson wave.

Etcetera, etcetera.

Annoyingly, I’m on The Pill, and I actually haven’t had a period in four months, because this Pill is supposed to stop them completely, but oh well. I suppose it’s not perfect.

I’m also going to attribute some of that weight gain to Friday night. My big sister, Linda, turned 31 on Friday, so we went to hers and had Indian Takeaway (a creamy, sweet&sour curry, native to the West of Scotland, two different types of naan bread, and some vegetable pakora) and a slice of birthday cake that my Mum made.

And then I got to take another three slices of cake home. By last night, there was no cake left.

So yeah. It’s probably not entirely because of my period, and I’m not gonna claim it is. I ate badly on Friday (and Tuesday! Because it was shopping day, I ate before I went out, and then after I came home, and then I had dinner, too. Four big meals in one day = not good.) and I’m not gonna pretend otherwise.

I realised on Friday night that I actually haven’t tracked anything at all this week in LiveStrong. I’m gonna have to remedy that.

[Postscript]: Just so you all know, I originally typed “sweat&sour curry”, before I checked the draft. I’m trying to imagine that as a curry, and yes, I’m pretty sure it would be native to the West of Scotland, and also: disgusting. *laughs*

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  1. haha – I know, It's vile. Got to have been a man that coined it. I like your Aunt Flow one.. 🙂

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