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Weekly Weigh-in #20: May 13, 2012


24st 2lbs

So that’s what it’s like to have a bare week.

I’ve kind of always wanted to do that: a week with no sweets and no junk of any kind (although I did get one sweet treat during the week when I used my Boots Advantage Points to buy a bag of Haribo Cola Bottles) and to literally just eat the food that was in the house.

Even when I went to Mum and Dad’s house on Wednesday, I didn’t have too much junk: a wee apple pie and two biscuits while watching the TV.

So that’s pretty much ruling out my actual food as the source of my plateau. Which means I’m eating more junk than I think I am, and not writing it down in LiveStrong.

Which is the more worrying thing.

I’m gonna need to nip that – I’d say “in the bud”, but I think by now, it’s a fully-blown flower – if I wanna get to goal any time soon.

Good to know, though, that my exercise isn’t going to waste after all.

Still going strong with FullFast. I think it’s really helped me this week, with it being such a bare week and all.

(I ran out of cereal last Thursday; my bread went mouldy on Friday; my milk turned sour yesterday – but I was lucky I remembered I had long-life UHT milk in my cupboard – and I’ve been eating chicken for the past three days!)

I can’t wait to go shopping and get some fish in. I’m gonna get some liver in, too, and attempt to make my own pâté. I’ve never done that before, but I really like pâté, and it’s a good Paleo thing.

Weird thing is, I don’t even like liver.


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5 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-in #20: May 13, 2012”

    1. I know! I'm hoping – PRAYING – that this time, when I get into the 23s, I won't go back into the 24s. I'll MAKE SURE IT DOESN'T HAPPEN.

  1. Do you feel hungry all the time without sweets? I debate with myself about trying Paleo, but i just dont' think i want to live in a world without cookies or bread or milk or yogurt. I LIKE those things, i think i would really REALLY miss them? Did you think about food all the time or was it easier than I am imagining?? Would love to know your thoughts…

    1. The problem with me is my eating disorder(s). I not only have binge eating disorder, but I also have food addiction. I spend pretty much every minute of the day thinking about food, even if it's not my FOREMOST thought. When I eat, a lot of the time, it's not because I'm hungry, it's just because I've thought about food, and I need to eat to get rid of the thought of food. I'm trying to write up an entry on my eating disorders, but it's hard.

      When I was doing Paleo, though, I was hardly ever hungry, but I still thought about food all the time because of my eating disorders. At the time, I forced myself not to eat, because I wanted to do well.

      Personally, I could take sweet things or leave them. They're the source of so much shame for me, but at the same time, they give you that awesome high when you eat them…

      You understand my dilemma?

  2. ugh! That sounds so awful to live with. It makes all the weight you lost even that much more spectacular of an achievement! You are really handling things so well! Give yourself a hug from me (a completely random stranger cheering you on…not in a creepy way I promise!!)

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