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Weekly Weigh-In #17: May 9, 2011

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-5lb (-2.27kg)
233lbs (105.69kg) to go

As expected, I gained weight this week. But we ate out SO MANY TIMES THIS WEEK, and I had two slices of wedding cake, and three amazing Oreo truffles and two of Lorna’s home-made cupcakes and the whole wedding was amazing.

Mum, Lorna, Matt and Me

Mum and I were witnesses, so we got to sign the wedding certificate, which is great. 😀 It felt weird, having so many photos taken of me, though.

Lorna looked amazing. She looked so happy, despite the shitty weather. It had been amazing for the whole week previous, and it decided to rain for the WHOLE DAY of her wedding. The woman who married Lorna and Matt (I think it was the same woman who married Linda and Greg last October, too) said it was lucky to be married when it was raining, so. Fingers crossed.

Last week at my Zumba class, there were six people present. It was very quiet, and Gillian, our instructor, was talking about possibly changing the time to get more people to come.

This week, at my Zumba class, there were twenty-two people present, which is a huge difference, really.

I mentioned in class last week, that all of my Spinning class have, what I’ve been calling, the “Get Fit For Summer” Crowd, just like January, February and March have the New Years Resolutioners.

These are the people who show up, take up the regulars’ space in class, and then disappear at the first sign of sunshine, or at the end of July, whichever happens first. Usually, you either never see them again, or you see them again next summer.

(New Years Resolutioners usually disappear by March. Some of them stick around, like me last year, and become regulars. But they, too, hog the regulars’ spots and then disappear, usually never to be seen again.)

This week, the kids are all back in school, and that’s what we think has happened. The weather’s crap, the kids are in school, and there’s the Get Fit For Summer Crowd who have shown up, et voilà! A pretty full class for the first time in AGES.

Which is, let’s face it, better than, “Oh, we might have to close the class down if it continues on like this, six people a week, because it’s not financially viable.”

I think it’s also a better atmosphere, with a fuller class. I was watching the others in the mirror, and it was fun, seeing everyone moving in tandem. At points, we were whooping and hollering, and it was more fun like that, I think.

It’s not like I’d give up the class just because it’s not as fun with less people – I’m loving Zumba, no matter the pain in my lower back at the end of the class – but it’s certainly more fun with more people.

I wish I could take in a videocamera and get a video clip to show y’all. Gillian, our instructor, is so much fun. She makes me smile, and I think, in the end, that’s half of what makes the class great.

I think, actually, that’s what I like about all of my classes.

Really great instructors.

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