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Weekly Weigh-In #16: May 2, 2011

Image by ppreacher | by NCND 2.0 CC

26st 12lb


-6lb (-2.72kg)
232lbs (105.23kg) to go

Another week, another Stayed The Same. Not sure why, because I’ve only had a few little indulgences – a couple of chocolate egg things that Mum brought home while we watched a movie the other night, and an Aberdeen buttery this morning.

What I’ve done, however, is I’ve lowered the calorie range on SparkPeople to 2000-2300 a day, instead of 2300-2500, so hopefully I’ll actually start to lose weight.

Mum has been talking about going back onto the Core Plan once my little sister’s wedding is over this week. If she does, I’ll be joining her on it, because Core Plan was always successful for me. I know it’s still a Weight Watchers plan, and it’s not calorie counting, but so long as it works, right?

But this coming week is going to be… well.

It’s Lorna’s wedding on Thursday. Have I mentioned that? I’m so excited, because it’s my little sister’s wedding.

I’m also glad it’s not on on a day that I normally exercise, though. Linda’s wedding was on a Friday, and I had to take the day off of Spinning. Lorna’s is on a Thursday, when I don’t have any classes!

Thankya, Lorna. 😀

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